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Steve Morrell was born just outside of New York City. He studied design at Long Island University, then moved into a career in advertising before returning to his original love. Mostly self-taught, Steve works mainly in oils, but also uses acrylics, spray paint, or whatever else he feels will help bring his work to life. Steve is currently enthralled with the human form, in his perspective the ultimate vehicle for expression, in all its infinite shape, shadow and color. With the human form there is a knowing, an obvious relatability that allows the viewer to read into every subtle gesture and nuance and extract meaning. His goal is to create an ethereal sense with his art, to disconnect from everyday societal constructions. His paintings mainly feature nudes. There is no clothing or other manmade items to remind the viewer of the world the subject comes from. Even gravity is in question. 

STEVE MORRELL 718-930-9205 |
3401 Arapahoe Avenue #112, Boulder, CO 80303


Education: Long Island University. B.A., Graphic Design, 1994.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2017 Madelife, “Man in the 21st Century,” Boulder, CO USA

2019 Boulder County Arts Alliance “People and Places.” Boulder, CO USA 2019 Rayback Collective Boulder, CO USA

2020 Curtis Center for the Arts “37th Annual All Colorado Art Show” Denver, CO USA

2020 Rayback Collective “Art in the Time of Covid” Boulder, CO USA

2020 Kiln “Dive In” Boulder, CO USA

2021 Artemesia Galerie “The Modern Nude Show” Denver, CO USA

2021 Artemesia Galerie “The Goddess Show” Denver, CO USA

2021 Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art International Biennial Portrait Competition, Wausau, WI USA

2021 18th Annual Downtown Aspen Art Festival, Aspen, CO USA

2021 D’Art Gallery, “Untethered” Solo Show, Denver, CO USA

2021 BRDG Project, “Interplay” Denver, CO USA

2021 Artemesia Galerie “The Halloween Show” Denver, CO USA

2021 Matchbox, Denver, CO USA

2022 LA Art Show, Los Angeles CA USA

2022 SoCo Modern, “Uncensored” Austin, TX USA

2022 The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, “Empowerment Vs Exploitation” Cape Cod, MA

2022 Valkerie Gallery, Featured Guest Artist, Denver, CO USA

2022 BRDG Gallery “Juice” Denver, CO USA

2022 ILA Gallery, “Untethered” Denver, CO USA

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